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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Computer Engineer's Poem..!

I am a Computer Engineer.

I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, "That guy is Cool".

You're so right. I don't like to brag, too much, but I'll let you in on some details.

I have many friends
in chat rooms.

I spent more times on screen,
Then with my family.

I have excellent contacts
but I prefer to wear glasses because they make me look so cool.

I love my computer 
Because my friends live in it.

I know many languages:
Java, C, C++.

I travel to many exotic places
in online games

I'm into sports

I collect fancy cars.
Most are still in their original Hot Wheels packaging.

I know that you're now thinking "I want to be that guy."
But you can't.
I was here first.
And I am a man, who cannot die,
Because we programmer never die,
We just get lost into processing. 


Kajal said...

your newest follower via follow back... you can find me at

computer engineer said...

"I travel to many exotic places
in online games"

i love that, a awesome computer engineer lol