Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mouse Programming In C: See that Arrow at Runtime..!!

>>Hello Friends...In this post you will get some basic idea about Mouse-Programming in "C"  Language.
>>The concept of Union in C is used here to address the Registers which shows the co-ordinate positions if screen.
  • For Detecting Mouse value of Register is 0,
  • For Showing the text, value is 1,
  • For Showing mouse graphics, value is 1 with getch().

#include <dos.h>
#include <graphics.h>
union REGS in, out;

void detectmouse ()                                                 
{ = 0;
 int86 (0X33,&in,&out);
 if ( == 0)
 printf ("\nMouse Fail To Initialize");
 printf ("\nMouse Succesfully Initialize");

void showmousetext ()
{ = 1;
 int86 (0X33,&in,&out);

void showmousegraphics ()
 int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode;
 initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, "c:\\tc\\bgi"); = 1;
 int86 (0X33,&in,&out);
 getch ();
 closegraph ();

int main ()

 detectmouse ();
 showmousegraphics ();
 getch ();
 return 0;

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Autocorrect Pranks...!!

>>In this post, here's a trick to play with your Friend's computer..!!
>>This is easy task, but you have to know the person you’ll be playing the prank on a bit. If he or she uses a text editor (let’s say Microsoft Office), open it, go to the AutoCorrect Options, and make it so that it replaces ordinary words with… anything you like. Here’s the box that should appear in Office 2003:


>Do as shown in Image above.!

>>Enjoy Friends..!!

Multiple User Login In Yahoo From One Desktop..!!

>>Hello Friends..!!
>>I'm posting after a long time and back with very useful tricks/ pranks on Computer..!
>>In this post,I'm writing about a trick to login  Yahoo Messenger with multiple user ID without any software or patch. You just have to do a simple Task.
  1. First click Start menu and then click run, then type regedit and then press enter.
  2.  A box will appear now from the box navigate HKEY_CURRENT_USER , then from the list select SOFTWARE .
  3. Then from the software select YAHOO , then from Yahoo select PAGER
  4. Then from Pager select TEST
  5. Now right click on the TEST and then click Dword value. In the right side you will notice a new folder appears, Rename it as Plural
  6. Then double click it then select decimal and give the valuein the value box and click OK. 
>>That's it now try to login in yahoo messenger with multiple ID.
NOTE:- You need Yahoo Meassanger Installed first on your computer
                                                   >>N'joy Friends..!!