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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A new trick to speed up Nokia Phone Modem for Internet..!!!

Friends, most of us are using phones to connect Internet via Laptop. And among them most
uses the Nokia Phones.So, here is a trick to boost the speed of Nokia Phone Modem.
=>Here are the simple steps..!!
  • Connect your Nokia Phone Modem to your PC/Laptop and connect it to internet by using One Touch Access of Nokia PC suit.
  • Click on the computer activity icon which is similiar to my-computer icon and will be blinking off and on which is placed on your task-bar.

  • OTA status of the Nokia modem will be opened. Click on the Properties.
  • Select Configure option from the Properties window.This will open up the Modem Configuration window.
  • Select the Maximum speed available in the Maximum speed option.And press OK to save the settings.
>>Now Disconnect the Internet connection and Reconnect it to available more speed.
>>Put Your Comments if you liked..!!

                                                        >>N'joy Friends..!!

    1 comment:

    meet_me said...

    It will work same for Win 7 or Win XP...